.cache error - map editor

I got error regarding .cache folder.
If I copy files by our self, all works.

What I need to do to solve this without each time find cache folder and copy file by our self.

This error also exists with occupancy map - I must copy png file to cache folder.

isaac:~/isaac$ bazel run apps/map_editor – --config apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial.config.json --graph apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial.graph.json --config_backup apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial_backup.config.json
INFO: Analyzed target //apps/map_editor:map_editor (0 packages loaded, 0 targets configured).
INFO: Found 1 target…
Target //apps/map_editor:map_editor up-to-date:
INFO: Elapsed time: 0.129s, Critical Path: 0.00s
INFO: 0 processes.
INFO: Build completed successfully, 1 total action
INFO: Running command line: bazel-bin/apps/map_editor/map_editor --config apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial.config.json --graph apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial.graph.jsonINFO: Build completed successfully, 1 total action
2020-07-31 13:21:49.895 INFO engine/alice/tools/websight.cpp@166: Loading websight…
2020-07-31 13:21:49.895 WARN engine/alice/backend/application_json_loader.cpp@174: This application does not have an explicit scheduler configuration. One will be autogenerated to the best of the system’s abilities if possible.
2020-07-31 13:21:49.895 PANIC engine/gems/serialization/json.cpp@37: Error opening file ‘/home/isaac/.cache/bazel/_bazel_isaac/569602a459e73d219244c73860d99076/execroot/com_nvidia_isaac/bazel-out/k8-opt/bin/apps/map_editor/map_editor.runfiles/com_nvidia_isaac/apps/assets/maps/virtual_tutorial.config.json’
Aborted (core dumped)

Sample from documentation:
bazel run apps/map_editor – --config apps/assets/maps/nvidia_R_180306.config.json --graph apps/assets/maps/nvidia_R_180306.graph.json --config_backup apps/assets/maps/nvidia_R_180306_backup.config.json

works fine.

Don’t look carefully to assets folder.
virtual_tours does not have config and graph json files. I create files and now editor works.