CAD Converter failed to import CAD files in case of View 2022.1.3


This issue has already been solved by View 2022.1.4 but we are worried about
the same kind of things occur by View 2022.1.4 or later version.
Also we confirmed this issue by several environments and they are completely
different PCs and environment.

CAD Converter is available from 2022.1.3 and we can import native CAD files like Solid Works.
When 2022.1.3 was released, we can convert CAD files correctly.
We confirmed on 21st of July.

But reccently we failed to convert in case of View 2022.1.3.
Log file shows only info “[Info] [omni.kit.converter.cad.cad_converter_delegate] IMPORT FAILED”.

We can convert in case of View 2022.1.4 but we are unclear why 2022.1.3
suddenly failed to convert. We worried about the same issue occurs.
We cannot find release not of 2022.1.4 so we do not know what issues are solved.
What is the root cause?

OS : Windows 10 Pro
GPU Driver : 516.94
RTX 3070 Laptop GPU

[Confirmed Data]
We confirmed by several Solid Works data and all are the same results.

kit_20220826_191122.log : Contains Import OK log
kit_20220826_191508.log : Contains Import Filed log

  1. View 2022.1.3 / confirmed on 21st of July.

  2. View 2022.1.3 / Failed

  3. View 2022.1.4 / Succeed

  4. Logs (121.6 KB)


Masahiro Suzuoki

Hello @masahiro.suzuoki! I am reaching out to the team to help answer your questions. Someone from the dev team will report back here soon!

Hello @masahiro.suzuoki! Please update to View version 2022.1.4 for the fix to this!

Hello, @WendyGram

Thank you for the answer.
Of course we know that if we use View 2022.1.4 or later, we can import CAD file correctly.
What we want to know is that why we cannot import by 2022.1.3 suddenly.
Beforehand, we can import by using 2022.1.3.

From our investigation, we assume that license of HOOPS is incorrect.
Changelog said that you HOOPS permanent license was applied for each
versions but we think in case of View 2022.1.3, it was not permanent version.

Our concern is that the same kind of thing occurs.
We hope this kind of thing does not occur again.


Masahiro Suzuoki