CAD importer terminology

CAD is a different world than gaming or research. There’s established industry standard practices in that world and I’m disappointed that Omniverse seemingly hasn’t done research into that.

Linear deflection - this should be called “linear tolerance” or “surface deviation”. Also, extremely important to explicitly say which unit it’s in!

Angular deflection - this should be called “angular tolerance” or “angular deviation”. This doesn’t really exist in the CAD world. The tolerance is all that’s needed. But again, extremely important to explicitly say if it’s in radians or degrees. Unless I’m mistaken, right now it appears to be in radians, and literally nobody in the CAD world uses that.

Minimum surface - again, tolerance is all that’s needed, but if you must have this please state the unit of measurement! (Also, since I know we are dealing with polygons here, I’m surprised there isn’t a maximum surface… quite a few tesselators have this.)

CAD deals with real world objects which have absolute real world sizes. This gets lost in the UI in Omniverse currently which causes uncertainty. (For example, after import, I’d like to be able to select an object and see what it’s width, height and length is in millimeters, so I can confirm that it imported properly… all I see now is a very confusing transform matrix.)

If everything I say gets ignored, at least please add unit labels to everything!

Thank you - this is great feedback.