CAD WS Quadro k2200 vs 5000?

Hi I’m new at building and I was suggested these parts. I don’t know if I should ask here, but I was guided here by someone in the Geforce forums.
I’m gonna use AutoDesk inventor, AutoCAD and general school stuff. With probably a 27" monitor and also later on a 32-34" widescreen one. Perhaps Matlab as well when I transfer to a university.

I did some more reading and found a quadro 5000 that seems to have better specs and perhaps better performance than a k2200?
I would like to know their pros and cons?

CPU: E5-1620V3
MOBO: Supermicro X10SRA-F
RAM: 2 X M393A1G40DB0-CPB (or equivalent from Micron/Crucial/Hynix/Kingston) ~$250
GPU: K2200
SSD: looking
Storage: looking
PSU: Antec HCP-750
HSF: SilverStone AR01

I wouldn’t think anybody suggested you post to the “Announcement” sub-forum. Also, your question seems to be unrelated to GPU computing, at least you don’t state whether you will be running any CUDA or OpenCL accelerated applications. The mention of AutoCAD suggests your main interest is in CAD.

If so, this is outside my area of expertise, but you may want to have a look at the SPECviewperf benchmark:

Alright, thanks for replying. Yea I’m interested in the pros and cons of these GPUs with the CAD programs. I was suggested to ask here about Quadros, but wasn’t sure what section because I don’t see section about asking general questions about quadros. Also most forums deal with gaming GPUs. So I thought maybe I could get pointed in a better direction.