Calculate projection matrix from CloudXRClientDescriptor.txt

In cloudxr client log and CloudXRClientDescriptor.txt we have:
proj : -1.150368 1.150368 -1.191754 1.191754 -1.150368 1.150368 -1.191754 1.191754

In my application, I want to recalculate projection matrix from parameter set from client descriptor.
However, values are not same while I compare output from these API:

ovrMatrix4f_CreateProjectionFov( EyeFovDegreesX, EyeFovDegreesY, 0.0f, 0.0f, VRAPI_ZNEAR, 0.0f);

ovrMatrix4f_CreateProjection (-1.150368, 1.150368, -1.191754, 1.191754, VRAPI_ZNEAR, 0.0f);

We can ignore accuracy issue, but actual difference are 10 times for key values.

Does CloudXR log hidden some multiplier before usage/logging and what is the meaning of that?

Thank you.