Calibrating Stitched Videos with VRWorks 360 Video SDK

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There are over one million VR headsets in use this year, and the popularity of 360 video is growing fast. From YouTube to Facebook, most social media platforms support 360 video and there are many cameras on the market that simplify capturing these videos. You can see an example still image in Figure 1 and…

Is there any libraries to stitch videos on the Jetson TX2 ? The NVIDIA VRWorks 360 video only works on Windows.

I also would like to know if there is a VRWorks 360 SDK version planned for TX2.

Would there be any way to use this stitching SDK to make 180 degree video rather than 360?

Hi, i'm interested in the 180 degree version, is there an update for this?

Hi can you please post a tutorial as how to install the SDK and start using it for video stitching , any help will be appriciated.

yes you are right video will be more helpful.

Hello, VRWorks 360 Video SDK 2.1 for windows version can not download now.
Would you mind to send me download link address?

@spongelinyi – Sorry about the delay! I tried to track down a better link for you but the VRWorks 360 Video SDK is no longer available. I’ve added a note to that effect at the top of the post.