Call a series kernels in a program

Hi everyone,
Can I call a variety of different kernels with different block sizes and thread sizes ?

alpha04 << < (index/16+1, index/16+1), (16,16) >> > (iw, ih, index, cu_x, cu_y, cu_label, cu_strength, cu_rin, cu_gin, cu_bin);
alpha02 << < block, thread >> > (iw, ih,cu_x, cu_y, cu_label1, cu_label, cu_strength);
alpha03 << <block1, thread1 >> > (iw, ih, cu_strength, cu_label);

Note: block != block1, thread != thread1
when I use block and thread for all kernel. that run right. else they run fail.

yes, you can use different grid (blocks and threads) sizes.

Use normal processes to debug failures, such as proper CUDA error checking (google that) and run your code with cuda-memcheck