callback() for can communication


Does anyone know if there is any callback() function for can communication we can use on Xavier? I saw a lot of examples reading can messages based on while-loop, instead of using interruption. Wonder if someone can give me some hints? It will be highly appreciated!


Dear Phil.chen,
Are you asking if there is any DW APIs to perform call back function?

Thank you SivaRamaKrishna!

Yes. I just found a callback() functionin vehicledata_logger.cpp under samples/src/sensors/canbus. Looks like the callback() is defined in can.hpp. But I cannot locate the header file: modules/sensors/canbus/can.hpp. Could you help?

Appreciate your help!

Dear Phil.Chen,
Currently, these files are not part of DRIVE SW package. COuld you please check using the callback functions similar to the provided sample and see if it helps.