Called AE Title Not Recognized

Hi, there.

I am trying to install the Clara Deploy SDK with this documentation.

(0.7.2-f0a60b5 :

I created and verified the pipeline. But, I got an error message when I trigger the pipeline.
I replaced “AA.BBB.CC.DD” with the IP of my local machine. (192.168.XX.XX)

root@v100-02:~/.clara/pipelines/clara_ai_livertumor_pipeline/input/dcm# storescu -v +sd +r -xb -aet “DCM4CHEE” -aec “LiverSeg” 192.168.XX.XX 104 ./
I: determining input files …
I: checking input files …
I: Requesting Association
F: Association Rejected:
F: Result: Rejected Permanent, Source: Service User
F: Reason: Called AE Title Not Recognized

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

clara version

clara list pipelines

Hi, it seems a calling AE title hasn’t been setup on the DICOM adapter. Do you have a LiverSeg AET configured on the DICOM adapter? (see for instructions)