calling function NvMediaImageGetBits takes too much time


When calling function NvMediaImageGetBits, it takes about 10 milliseconds of time,but NvMediaImagePutBits only takes about 2 milliseconds of time. It seems that NvMediaImageGetBits take too much time,this is a little uncommon.
Could you tell me why NvMediaImageGetBits take so much time? Is there anyother function can replace the function NvMediaImageGetBits?

Dear hfliu,

Can we get more context here? SDK version, attributes of the image surface etc? Thanks.


I’m facing a similar problem. I’m using NvMediaImageGetBits function to read NvMediaImage structure and write the content into buffer that I provide to this function. Final output is good, but it takes about 22 milliseconds. After I changed NVM_SURF_ATTR_CPU_ACCESS_UNCACHED to NVM_SURF_ATTR_CPU_ACCESS_CACHED processing time dropped to 14 milliseconds. Still, I need it faster. Can you please provide some useful information to me, or maybe give me source code of this function, or anything else that I could use in order to speed up my program.

Code is running on DRIVE AGX Developer Kit E3550 platform.
Image format is .jpeg with resoultion of 1280x720p.

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Dear damjan.glamocic,

Could you please let me know your using PDK version? DRIVE Software 8.0?

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using Drive SDK/PDK version 5.0.13. Cuda-Toolkit is 10.0.96. I work directly on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), I don’t use any additional drive software components (e.g. DriveWorks).