Calling Python Codelets/Node in different package's app.json


I have written a Python codelet/node and I want to call it in my app.json which is in a different package, either as a node or as subgraph. Please can you provide an example of doing the same. I believe there will be 2 BUILD files, one in the python codelet/node 's directory, and one in the app.json 's directory, how to write these BUILD files?

In all the examples in the Isaac sdk, they are calling a python codelet/node in the app.json of the same package/directory with just one BUILD file.

Thank you.

sdk/apps/tutorials/ping_python is not exactly the example you want but is a good starting point. In this case, there is a Python codelet in which is wrapped into a py_binary target which is then bundled into a pkg target in sdk/apps/tutorials/ping_python/BUILD. In the one with the app.json, you’ll want to use a Python launcher which loads your app.json and programmatically adds in your Python codelet as seen in the ping_python example.