CAM_VSYNC feasibility for 30Hz


I’m working on a camera system which depends on a very steady VSYNC at 30Hz. Is it feasible to use the TX2 CAM_VSYNC pin for this purpose?

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The TX2 CAM_VSYNC is a GPIO pin only, If only need high/low you can use it.

OK. What I need is to give it a precise hardware timer. Setting it high/low from sequential code will not provide the accuracy we need.

We have found an interesting camera. Its reference design uses a hardware oscillator. My hope was to cut cost and complexity by using a TX2 pin for this purpose.


Sorry to tell there’s no such pin on Tegra for your request.

Hm, are you telling me there are no GPIO pins on the TX2 which can run off an internal timer without the continued interaction of the CPU?


No, I would like to tell if you use GPIO pin you need to implement a function to control this pin to gen the signal by yourself.