Camera 1V2 Rail Question

I’m trying to enable and disable DVDD_CAM_IO_1V2 but the device tree has two regulators that reference it.

regulator@209 (en_vdd_cam_1v2)
regulator@211 (en_vdd_cam_1v2_alt)

What’s the relationship between these two regulators and that 1.2V rail on the Camera Expansion Header?

The developer docs say to use en_vdd_cam_1v2, but I seem to have to also switch en_vdd_cam_1v2_alt. Do they both need to be on, or just one? Which one do I set as vdig-supply?


Through experimentation it looks like en_vdd_cam_1v2_alt is what should be set as vdig-supply.

Using en_vdd_cam_1v2 causes the rail not to turn on.

Does en_vdd_cam_1v2 do something different?

hello Atrer,

both regulator@209 (en_vdd_cam_1v2) and regulator@211 (en_vdd_cam_1v2_alt) were defined as 1.2V
you should check your camera device tree to specify the regulator.