Camera active trigger

May I ask whether the AR0231 camera (SF3324) with GMSL interface can trigger the sampling on PX2?

Dear Wei.Chenroe03,

On DPX2, the capture will start when the application is launch.
Can I know what the user-case is? Thanks.

I hope to do the time synchronization of the laser radar of the camera, and adopt the mode that the host sends instructions to trigger the sensor sampling actively.

Dear Wei.Chenroe03,

Please refer to below answer.

“Please run sample_sensor_info in DW sample to know the list of supported sensors. we have one GPIO (FR_SYNC, a PWM like signal), going to all cameras to sync the capture. The MAX96712 chips will get the FR_SYNC signal and will use it to sync.”

I have seen this scheme before, but it may not meet my requirements, because I don’t need synchronization between radar of the third party and camera. Does the synchronization signal in DW require that both radar and camera are devices supported by the platform?

Dear Wei.Chenroe03,

Could you refer to “Sensor Synchronization” in DW doc for your topic?
DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Tutorials -> Distributed Recording -> Sensor Synchronization