Camera and moving object animations in Unreal Engine or in Omniverse Create?

I am studying Omniverse to create a shared project to Nucleus Server.
To make basic animations for camera and objects, is my best choice the unreal engine level sequence?
They are imported to Create:

Or are there such tools in Create also?


Pekka, you can export animations and sequences from Unreal as USD animations and timesamples. This works really well. Coming VERY soon is the Machinima app that will allow you to create camera animations, sequences, etc.

Hey, great news! So can I use this Machinima to make animated / interactive projects that are hosted then on Nucleus Server and be shared to multiple users? Just like Omniverse Create would… If so, then I must now concentrate my studies on finding the best hosting provider. I just talked today with one very good Finnish hosting company offering me:

Note, Machinima was released today - see the Announcement here.