Camera animation corrupted and locked to my usd file

Somehow my stage lost its timeline and abillity to create new animations for the camera.

If i open up Machinima fresh, everything looks fine, but my workfile is somehow corrupt.

Can i fix this or do i need to start over?


[Warning] [carb.python] Drop /World/Camerait in the Timeline!

[Warning] [carb.python] Dropped /World/Camera it in the Timeline!

[Warning] [carb.python] Anim=/World/Camera/animationData Target=/World/Camera

Hey Carl!

Would you happen to have the USD stage we could look at? Typically, most issues are recoverable and simple to fix.

First thing I would check, is the start/end of the timeline somehow setup wrong? At the base of your sequencer, make sure the start/end have reasonable values: