Camera calibration for warp and blend

Hello, I am a beginner programmer.

I use an NVS 810 graphics card.

I would like to implement the image through a project on a curved screen now.

So I want to use Warp and Blend from NVIDIA Developer and I have some questions.

First, I check to NVIDIA’s reference (S0322-Warping-Blending-for-Multi-Display-Systems).

This reference is said to create distorted meshes and texture coordinates through the camera.

However, there is no detailed information about camera calibration.

I want to know how to implement a grid through a camera.

Secondly, I looked for a way to blend between the two Vertices with values.

According to our design, there is a 350mm overlap between the two screens, and I want to know how to blend exactly 350mm.

For this part I can check the Nvidia reference document and use the NV_MOSAIC_TOPO part, but my mistake makes me wonder if the GPU will be broken.

I want to know the exact blend method.

I’m a beginner and I’m sorry. Please reply.


Thanks for your inquiry.
NVIDIA Warp and Blend is part of NVAPI and details are downloadable from …
Please refer to the “SampleWarpBlend” example code and check out the additional resources offered on the page.
The API provides the application interface to control Warp and Intensity of the image on the GPU prior to sending the image to the display device. The geometry for the warping mesh is defined by your existing screen geometry. NVIDIA does not provide guidance related to engineering or measuring existing display geometries.