camera calibration with april tags


I’m following the camera calibration tutorial and on the Intrinsic calibration section, I see that the video being used for Intrinsic calibration is with the checkerboard pattern, rather than the AprilTag target. I also see that there is a note saying “It is not required to use checkerboard pattern, a printed out AprilTag target, for example as one of the targets used as an external target would work as well”

Does this mean that, we go through the same motions in the intrinsic calibration video, but with the AprilTag board instead?

Also, in the “intrinsic calibration only” section, it is mentioned that we need to include intrinsics folder and targets.json file. But, if I am not using the AprilTag targets for intrinsic calibration, why do I need to specify this targets.json file that is special to AprilTags ?

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Dear goksan.isil,
You do not need targets.json file when you use checker board pattern.

Thanks for the reply.

However, the calibration-graph-cli script does not work without the targets.json file

Dear goksan.isil,
you can only use checkerboard for intrinsic calibration and not for extrinsics

Dear goksan.isil,

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