Camera-capture over SSH

Is it possible to use the camera-capture application on the Jetson over SSH or do you need VNC? I have tried X11 forwarding while using RTP, RTSP, and WebRTC as mentioned in the Camera Streaming and Multimedia
page of the Hello AI World repo but have not gotten anything to work. Maybe there are arguments I’m not inputting correctly?

Please export DISPLAY=:0 before launch the camera by SSH connected.


Hi Shane, I don’t think it was just the camera that was the problem. I can run video-viewer with gstreamer just fine but camera-capture attempts to open an X11 window and the video device. If I ssh -X it opens the X11 window but doesn’t allow the camera to be opened if that helps. I can include the error messages as well

The camera need initial EGL that’s why need export DISPLAY=:0
Also if you need to check the preview you need teamviewer to check it. VNC is using virtual display that couldn’t work for it.

Hi @emjarquitola, camera-capture won’t work over SSH with X11-forwarding as it uses OpenGL (that particular application is intended to have a physical display attached). If you don’t have a display for your Jetson, then I would use another tool to annotate your detection dataset (like CVAT or LabelImg) and export it to Pascal VOC format. If you are collecting a classification dataset, you just need to place your images in folders for each object class.

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