Camera changes from VR Lens to Pinhole Camera when exporting to farm

When I click “capture current frame or capture sequence” it captures the viewport.

There are two bugs.

  1. Half the time for no reason known to me (so far it’s been pretty random) two black boxes appear on the back edge.

  2. by far the most important bug to fix - I can’t render my camera’s using the Farm Queue because it changes from the equirectangular camera shape to pinhole - is there a way to fix this or is there just one line of code missing somewhere?

  3. If you guys can create a VR camera rig that would be awesome.

Hello @garretthoyos! Thank you for reporting this. I’ve sent this over to the dev team to fix.

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A development ticket was generated from this post. OM-66106: Camera changes from VR Lens to Pinhole Camera when exporting to farm

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Hi @garretthoyos , sorry for the inconvenience. To understand your problem better, can I ask a couple of questions?
The first is, which app are you trying, Create or what is it, and which version? Also is there any test scene that I can take to reproduce you problem?
Second, for the camera shape, does the capture work as expected when you try it locally? Or it has the same problem?
For your problem #1, at the beginning of capture, it will switch the renderer to the one you choose in the movie capture UI, this may take time as it has to do some rendering related preparation for the new renderer. But I’m not sure if it’s the case without knowing more details. And I have no idea on the two black boxes at the moment. If you can provide your test scene, that should be helpful. Thanks!

sorry for the late reply.

I was using Create version 2022.1 I believe. I’ll upload a test scene. It works locally just fine, not on the farm last I checked.