Camera CSI input stream failed with PIXEL_INCOMPLETE

Camera CSI input stream on PX2 failed and terminate program on random.

Error message on console:

NvMediaISCSetExposure failed
NvMediaISCSetWBGain failed 
captureGetErrorStatus: ChanselShortFrame= stream=4 frame=100 data=0x00000004 SofTs=91273594879 ErrTs=91304390335 
CameraGMSL: CSI input stream failure 
NvViErrorDecode Stream 4.0 failed: ts 93263447424 frame=100 error 7 data=0x00000004
NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselShortFrame (7) 
NvViErrorDecode See for more information and links to document 
ChanselShortFrame : 0x00000004 Channels with PIXEL_INCOMPLETE [11: 0] Channels 2 This can happen for three reasons: PIXEL_SHORT_FRAME: FE packet arrives before last expected pixel of the uncropped image; EMPTY_FRAME: FE packet arrives before cropped pixels other embedded data been received; PIXEL_OPEN_LINE: A pixel line has been opened with a line start but FE packet arrives before line end ever arrives.

On another occasion, i received a similar error message:

PIXEL_SHORT_LINE [9]: 1 A line ends with fewer pixels than expected. Current line in frame [31:16]: 5 
CaptureGetErrorStatus: ChaselFault: stream=0 vc=0 frame=3 data=0x00050200 SofTs 
CameraGMSL: CSI input stream failure 
NvViErrorDecode Stream 0.0 failed: ts 416340339104 frame 1 error 4 data 0x00000100 NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselFault (4) 
NvViErrorDecode See for more information and links to document ChanselFault: 0x00000100 PIXEL_LONG_LINE [8]:1 A line is found to exceed the expected value of FRAME_X_WIDTH register. Line is truncated to expected width. Current line in frame [31:16]: 0 
captureGetErrorStatysL ChanselFault: stream=0 vc=0 frame=1 data=0x00000100 SofTs=416340317344 ErrTs=416340339104 
camera CSI input stream failure

Does anyone know what is the possible cause of this error message?

Dear chee0007,

If look at the log information you uploaded, the error occurs when a frame end (FE) appears from NVCSI before the normal number of/any pixels have appeared. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

How can I prevent this error message from happening? Is it due to cable interference, faulty camera (we are using Sekonix SF3344-100) or something else?

Dear chee0007,

I’m not sure if this issue is related with cable interference or not.
Could you please help to check with same camera + NV supported camera + DW sample if this issue happens or not?
And could you please make sure that the frames you create are not a problem?