Camera Detection Unreliable (Solved)

Dear Drive PX community,

We have 4 cameras from Continental connected to our Drive PX. When we start the sytem they are only detected 1 out of 5 times. In the other times, when booting and running the following command:

/usr/local/driveworks/bin/sample_camera_multiple_gmsl --type-ab=ov10640-svc212

The driver says, no camera is available.

This is very frustrating, as we need a reliable system for testing.

We have the same setup for the 2 other Drive PX and it works (although using different cameras).

It there a command, with which we can restart the Driver detection?

Or can you think of any other way to solve the problem?

Christian Brugger

Dear christian.brugger,

It looks like you’re using an older version of driveworks (0.6).
If so, could you please update PDK and DriveWorks for the system via NVIDIA SDK Manager and Aurix FW?

Please refer to below path for sample_camera_multiple_gmsl on your DPX2 or host machine.

Thanks. We are currently using NVIDIA DRIVE AURIX is updated to 4.02.02. I am not sure what the drive version is. Our Drive Works is in deed 0.6.

An update of the whole DRIVE PX would mean a lot of work for us, as all of our systems need to have the same version and possibly our client code might have to be recompiled, which is provided by another company.

[b]Is there a way to just update DriveWorks?

Is that version sufficient? Any workaround? Is this a known problem?[/b]

Dear christian.brugger,

Could you refer to below DriveWorks 1.2.400 release note for your topic?

Sample_camera_gmls and sample_camera_multiple_gmls sporadically fail to start.
Observed less than once in 100 executions. [200276484]

This topic has been modified in the latest version as described above.
So could you please update the DPX2 PDK and Drivewokrs? Thanks.

Thanks Steve, we will update.