Camera device tree: Difference of mclk, mclk_khz

What is the difference of mclk and mclk_khz in the v4l2 camera device tree?
Do you have a pinout of the orin nano CSI ports?

hello manthey,

please refer to developer guide to check Device Properties for the difference.

regarding to the pinout…
please refer to Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification and see [3.2 Camera Connector] chapter.

Thanks for the link to the carrier board specs. That was exactly I was looking for.

Regarding the mclk, mclk_khz I knew the source but it ain’t clear to me yet:
mclk is the reference clock for the sensor and I’d expect it on the CAMX_MCLK pin.
mclk_khz is the mipi clock that would appear on the CSIX_CLK_X pin? (pixel_clock / 2 / #lanes)

But why I have to provide this value as the mipi clock is driven by the camera

hello manthey,

please specify mclk_khz for your camera device tree implementation.
this is signal property, it’s kernel layer to parse this settings to configure mclk frequency.

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