Camera Device Tree Parameters

How can I calculate parameters listed below?

  • line_length = “”; * Pixel line length (width) for sensor mode.
  • pix_clk_hz = “”; * Sensor pixel clock used for calculations like exposure and framerate

Hi @oandic ,

You can review the Sensor Programming Guide for specific details.

From past experiences best calculation method used is:

  • pixel_clk_hz = sensor_output_size * frame_rate * 10

Line_length is the pixel line width horizontal timing size for the sensor mode. The value must be greater than or equal to active_w. A good starting test point is:

  • line_length = active_w


Hello @fabian.solano ,
Thanks for you reply.

What is TX2 maximum operating frequency (“mclk_khz” value) on a MIPI line?