Camera driver demo for single camera?

Nano L4T 32.4.2 provide IMX219 driver both dual camera mode and single camera mode.
Our case has one camera only, So we remove dual camera part from dts file. It works on a02 board but not b01 version.

Is there a camera driver demo for single camera case work on b01 board?
Thanks for your help!!

I think you can just use original DT for single camera, when the kernel probe to register the video node will handle it. If you only connect single that will only register one video node.

We make a driver for new sensor on a02 board already.
It not work in b01 board cause by same issue in the post.

Should we add the “dual camera” driver for it although just one camera in board?

Before figure out the root cause I would suggest to use working configure and also you can change the status to disable instead of remove it.