Camera driver prompt “of_device is not enabled” error TX2 with ov9732

I am tying to run camera ov9732 on TX2 custom board with SDK 32.4.3 but i am getting below error.

[ 11.348146] tegra-vi4 ep of_device is not enabled /host1x/vi@15700000/ports/port@0/endpoint.
[ 11.348150] tegra-vi4 ep of_device is not enabled /host1x/vi@15700000/ports/port@1/endpoint.

how we can enable endpoint?

hello anupam.kumar,

please refer to Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide for development.
you may also check Port Binding session to check the node definitions of port binding for VI, NvCSI, and sensor modules.

Same code is working on TX2 EVK but on custom board i am getting this error.
do we need to do any other changes for custom board with TX2 SOM?

hello anupam.kumar,

due to you’re working with your customize board,
please check Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide for the recommendations and guidelines.
please refer to [9.0 MIPI CSI (VIDEO INPUT)] to review the camera connections.