Camera Driver Question - TX1

I’m working on a new mipi camera driver (see thread which I’m having trouble accessing at the moment for some reason) and running into a few issues.

I received two patches (from nvidia) for the soc_camera stack:

which I’ve applied to the kernel and rebuilt. Now, instead of a stream of syncpoint errors I see a single one listed in dmesg output (though my guess is that is normal behavior for the first attempted frame capture). However a frame capture takes a very long time (approximately three seconds) to return an image and the data comes back as an all black image (pixels are indentically zero valued).

One thing I wanted to try this week was to test the patched kernel with the camera module that came with the TX1. Does the kernel configuration that ships with the tx1 devkit have the appropriate camera driver module built/enabled or is that something we should alter in the configuration when building the kernel? It looks like may be a “Sunny” module

You can use the OV5693 camera that ships with the devkit either through nvgstcapture or gstreamer pipeline. For example pipelines, see Jetson TX1 Multimedia Guide ( — look for pipelines with the nvcamerasrc element) or here: