Camera dump failure somttimes during bootup

Hi Guys,

Sometimes when bootup, we meed camera dump failure.
dmesg can see below issue info.
Can you help what is meaning of Failed to enable report for VI Notify, and how to resolve this issue?

[    0.259481] iommu: Adding device to group 34
[    5.740615] tegra-vi4 initialized
[    5.741871] tegra-vi4 subdev 150c0000.nvcsi-0 bound
[    5.741875] tegra-vi4 subdev ov490 2-005c bound
[    5.742258] tegra-vi4 subdev 150c0000.nvcsi-2 bound
[    5.742262] tegra-vi4 subdev ov490 2-005e bound
[   84.392447] tegra-vi4 Failed to enable report for VI Notify, err = -110
[   84.392453] tegra-vi4 Failed to setup VI Notifier, err = -110

Did you working on r28 release branch?
Could you migrate to r32 branch.

We still use JetPack3.2, do you mean we need to update to JetPack4.x and try again?

Any reason to stay on r28 branch?

Because our produce already use r28 for long-time.
If we switch to JetPack4.x, we need to re-develop again and also need to considerate how to handler running product on customer side.

Another reason is JetPacke4.x vs JetPack3.0 has big difference (for example ubuntu update from 16.04 to 18.04)

Try this patch for r28 branch.

0001-Revert-drivers-camera-Optimize-power-on-off-requests.patch.txt (6.4 KB)

Ok we will apply this pathc. Can clarify what this patch try to fix?

BTW, we have apply the follow two patches before.
apply 0002-media-tegra-mark-corrupt-buffer-as-requeuing.patch within devtalk1052505_May30.tar.gz

apply 0001-drivers-media-capture-init-latency-improvements.patch within devtalk1052505_May30.tar.gz