Camera Expansion Header GPIO are pulled to GND when the Xavier are turn off

I am having an problem in the Camera Expansion Header GPIO.
When the Xavier are trend off all GPIOS (MCLK02, MCLK03, GPIO15, GPIO16 and GPIO25 except for MCLK04) are shorted to GND.
This issue causes problem to my board.
Any one know way or how to avoid this problem?
And what is the different between MCLK40 to all other GPIOS.
Thank you

hello nb1246,

may I know what’s the actual use-case.
did you mean you would like to keep the pin state after Xavier power-off?

We are using the Xavier as ECU,
The Xavier control my system via I2c and GPIOS.
One of the Xavier GPIO are connected to my system reset signal.
When the Xavier are done, he is keeping my system in reset.
My system need to be alive at all time.
Can you tell me what is the different between MCLK04 to all other GPIOS in the Camera Expansion Header?
Can I do anything to do in order to prevent this issue.
Dose this issue can damage the Xavier?
Thank you.

hello nb1246,

please refer to Jetson AGX Xavier Series Pinmux, it’s Camera Master Clock 3.
could you please point-out which pin cause your system reboot, thanks

My reset signal are connected to UART4_TX.
I tried moving him to MCLK02, MCLK03, GPIO15, GPIO16 and GPIO25 all cues the same issue Except for MCLK04.
thank you

hello nb1246,

I don’t see any difference, is it floating? could you please probe the pin state for confirmation.

Hi Jerry,
I measured 0.68v on this pin.

Hi, do you mean you got 0.68v on MCLK04 pin when Xavier is powered off? If so, it might be the left voltage of capacitor.

No I mean that at all other GPIOS when my board are on and the Xavier are off, I got 0.68V on the Pin (like here ate diode that clos the loop to GND)
At MCLK04 I got 1.8V in this case.