Camera Focus doesnot work when DeepStream runs

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Hi, I am using Arducam IMX519 and it has autofocus and manual focus feature, it works when I run its Focuser file to focus specific distance. But when I run deepstrea-app -c source1_csi… example app, the focus remains only two sec than returns totally blur camera cannot focus again, and I want to put this focuser file into deepstream app to solve it very quick but don’t know how to.
Any advice could be nice.
Have a nice day!

Autofocus is not supported, you may need to check with sensor vendor on sensor configuration.

Can I just solve it by putting codes (python) implementing the codes from arducam or do I need to change source code of deepstream ?
Is SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) applicable for deepstream?

deepstream-app is opensource, it will uses nvarguscamerasrc plugin to capture raw data from CSI camera, you can modify the deepstream-app if needed.

I know I can but it will take time, I solved it with another solution. Thanks!

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