Camera Freezes on Isaac after using Scene View Widget

I have created a popup window when selecting object in the same way describred in the tutorial kit-extension-sample-ui-scene/exts/omni.example.ui_scene.widget_info at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-sample-ui-scene · GitHub . It works fine on CODE, but when I try to use inside isaac to Isaac, as soon as the widget pops up, the camera stop responding to mouse events. I can no longer move camera or zoom in or out. Everything else works fine, I can select other objects, click on buttons etc.
Any idea of what’s happening ?

Hi @icaroleles1. This is a known issue and is fixed in new versions of Kit. You’ll need to wait for a Isaac to update to a newer version of Kit. Here’s the version used in the current version of Code. You can check this at “Help > About”:

So there is no way to make it work inside Isaac today?

Correct. The rest of the omni.ui.scene samples will work fine. It’s just the widget_info that requires a newer Kit.

Got. Thank you .

Do you consider possible, getting Isaac extensions and using in CODE ?

In theory, it should work and we want more cross-compatibility. In reality, you may run into issues with extensions that are not prepared for cross-compatibility yet.

Do you suggest any alternative to pop up windows next to 3D objects when selecting that works inside isaac?

If you’re just showing labels, you could look at the Object Info sample. You could but a rectangle shape behind the labels to make it appear like a window: kit-extension-sample-ui-scene/exts/omni.example.ui_scene.object_info at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-sample-ui-scene · GitHub. If you want controls in the viewport, you could look at the slider manipulator sample: kit-extension-sample-ui-scene/exts/omni.example.ui_scene.slider_manipulator at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-sample-ui-scene · GitHub .

Otherwise, I’d recommend waiting for Isaac Sim to update their Kit version.

This was fixed in yesterday’s update.

Sweet! Thanks for updating here.

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