Camera GL window not showing up for the demo

when I run the detectnet-camera demo, it launches, but the gl window doesn’t launch.
I ran the gl and camera test, and windows come up / I can see a live camera feed from my usb logitech camera, but the actual detection demo doesn’t pull up the display window.

I followed this set up:

What troubleshooting steps can I go through to make sure there isn’t underlying issues?

Any suggestions?

For others that come here,
I finally got it to work!

First, I didn’t realize that it took a while (around 5 min one place said) to get setup the first time.

Second, to fix freezing issue I found this:

And now after install and reboot, works like a charm :)
(and I do have a fan on top of the heat sink)

Glad to know you resolved the issue. Good job!