Camera GMSL Raw Sample, Select different camera in same port.


I am running the sample_camera_gmsl_raw example. Is there anyway to select which camera is selected when there are multiple cameras using the same port. Like for example, in CSI port a there are 4 cameras. Can I choose which one camera to turn on like a-0, a-1 and so on? I know in sample_camera_multiple they are labeled like that. But I don’t want to use sample_camera_multiple. I just want the ability to use one camera at a time. I know in sample_camera_multiple, you can use a camera-mask to denote which one, but there is no parameters in sample_camera_gmsl_raw. Please if anyone tried this. Thank you very much!

Dear kalani,
There are no command line parameters set in this sample for this purpose. You can use only one camera in a port. Please check pulling the the camera-mask code from sample_camera_multiple or please check integrating the softISP code from sample_camera_gsml_raw to sample_camera_multiple.