Camera help

Will the [Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR] work with the latest version of jetpack 4.5 and jetbot version 0.4.3 (from this Using SD Card Image - JetBot) as I have chosen to use that camera for the tutorial and have had it for some time now and if it possible can someone point me in the right direction on where to continue

What’s the “Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR” camera.
Suppose you need integrate the driver for the latest release.

I am referring to this:

seems like there has been no update for this since July:

And from what I have gathered it only seems to be compatible with jetpack version 4.6.4 (even though I am running a version of 4.5 used in the tutorial linked above):

I have already done sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade so can anyone help me out here

Please consult with sensor vendor to confirm if the driver able support latest version.


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