Camera I2C not probed

[gpio_fixed_CAM_not_tegra210-nano-nvidia-AR0330.dtsi.txt (33.2 KB) probed_2.txt|attachment](upload://q6BfVWBWe7STlQgwUqfKik4YVJZ.txt) (54.3 KB)

I am trying to add ECON AR0330 cameras to a nano module carrier. I’m currently stuck because the camera I2Cs do not appear to get probed in the dmesg logs and they do not appear under /dev/videoX after the device has finished booting. I have attached the dmesg and the device tree. I don’t know how to go about debugging this as there are no errors in the dmesg logs that stick out to me and I was wondering how to go about debugging this. Thanks in advance.

hello sgamu,

could you please review your attachments.
it seems only dtsi file available, we should also check kernel messages for more details.

Hi sgamu,
I need a few clarification regarding your query.
Which NANO carrier board are you using currently?
Which ECON AR0330 camera product are you porting to NANO carrier board? Is it our 8-Camera NileCAM30 for Connect tech solution (or) Single AR0330 camera for NANO?

tegra210-nano-nvidia-AR0330-4CAM.dts.txt (6.0 KB)
Hello JerryChang,

Please find attached the DT file.
@kannan.m, I’m referring to the 8-Camera NileCAM30.

Thank you.

These are my most recent dts and dtsi and dmesg logs. I am able to get the second pair of cameras to display images, but they lose frames as that’s happening. The first pair of cameras do not display. They just launch without any images. Also after the first reboot, the number /dev/videoX shown always reduces from 4 to 3. Then the cameras that were displaying on first boot-up fail to display i.e. 3 launched camera windows without display. On further reboots it could show either 2 or 3 /dev/videoX nodes. Please direct me on how to debug this. I will upload the kernel log messages if they are different from the dmesg.

@kannan.m, I’m using a custom carrier board
2_video_display_and_buffer_errors.txt (69.5 KB) missing_dev_node.txt (60.9 KB) tegra210-nano-nvidia-2-AR0330.dtsi.txt (31.2 KB) tegra210-nano-nvidia-2-AR0330-4CAM.dts.txt (6.4 KB)

kern.log (538.3 KB)

Can anyone please help?
dmesg_.txt.txt (69.0 KB)

tegra210-nano-nvidia-AR0330.dtsi.txt (30.6 KB) tegra210-nano-nvidia-AR0330-4CAM.dts.txt (5.0 KB)

hello sgamu,

please share more details about your environment setups, may I know which JetPack release you’re working with.
besides, your kern.log from June 25 shows lots of syncpt timeout failures, could you please confirm you’re still able to access them with v4l2 standard controls.
for example,
$ v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=width=640,height=480,pixelformat=UYVY --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=100

I’m using Jetpack4.4 R32.4.2 of nano
Yes, I get a lot of errors related to time synct. It typically says “There may be a timestamping problem, or this computer is too slow”

I can access /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 with v4l2 standard controls. /dev/video0 showed up as 43.56 fps and 43.5 fps
/dev/video1 showed up as 30.09fps, 30.04 fps and 30.03 fps
/dev/video2 and /dev/vide03 did not return anything.

The cameras I’m working with, I have successfully ported the code over to Xavier-nx for this same custom carrier board, and I did not have any of these issues.

dmesg_.txt.txt (70.9 KB)

hello sgamu,

that’s abnormal, here should be issue with video2 and video3 camera nodes.
it may be low-level driver issue or hardware defects, please contact with your sensor vendor for further supports.

Thank you JerryChang.