Camera image capture on demand

I would like to capture an image, on demand, at high precision in time, from a trigger.

I do not want to use video stream and capture the next or last frame, this is not precise enough for me.

I would like to use a signal such as a hard wire input or IEEE1588 time to get microsecond resolution for a trigger. Are there any CSI camera options that can do this? What about GigE cameras for Jetson with some driver to handle this? Is there another trigger option that I missing?

Thank you in advance.

I’m afraid current CSI driver can’t match your require.

Hi thomas.p.16,

Why do you need microsecond resolution for a camera capturing trigger?
From hw’s perspective, if a csi camera uses i2c as control interface, the latency from stream-on command and sensor itself may take a few time. I’m not sure if it’s possible.

My project is catch a specific event. I have available a 1588 time master to use as a trigger or I can use a sensor for example to trigger the event. The item I want to capture is moving so fast that even at 30 frames per second it can move have a frame. I would like to capture the event in the same place in the frame each time which means I need microsecond resolution on a trigger. There is some time between events but I want accuracy on the event.

Do you have some other suggestions to syncing an image capture with an external event?