Camera Image .raw export to .jpg with sample_raw_pipeline

Hi all,

is there an easy way to convert a raw camera frame with the sample_raw_pipeline to .jpg oder .png? When I try the option --dumpOutput DriveWorks only export a proprietary raw format.


I followed the raw pipeline sample and managed to write individual PNGs. It worked with both RGGB and RCCB raw formats. In the new Beta 2.0 PDK (DW 0.3) the support to read RGGB serialized data seems to be removed. I am about to get the AR231 camera and try the RCCB and try it. I have never tried JPG but the sample’s dumpDwImageCUDA can be modified to use the 3rd party library to dump out PNG files.

Hi servanti,

I struggled with converting RCCB raw formats to RGB, can you give me some instruction?
Thnak you!