Camera images with ros bridge?

I’ve got the Isaac simulator and ros bridge working by following these steps:

However, it does not include any camera images from the simulator. It seems like perhaps I have to make a custom ros node just to bridge that stream?

The documentation also says this:

To simulate for a different robot, change robot configurations in commands above (and in the simulator window if you are not using flatsim). ROS navigation stack should also be updated in this case.

…but I’m not sure where to go with it. Has anyone else gotten the simulator fully working and usable through the ros bridge?

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isaac::ros_bridge::CameraImageToRos codelet (documented at does this. To see it in action, please try the sample app by typing:
bazel run packages/ros_bridge/apps:camera_to_ros

If you have a camera, you’ll see that images are transferred to ROS. You can change the edges to transfer camera images from simulator instead of hardware camera.