Camera-ip/isp5/isp5.c:1985 [isp5_pm_init] "ERROR: Failed to turn isp power on" BUG: core/init/init.c:85 [init_all] "*** FIRMWARE INIT FAILED AT LEVEL

I used JetPack 5.0.1 to burn the Orin module, but it doesn’t work after putting it on our custom board, I want to know if there is any solution, here is the log
orinLog.txt (25.7 KB)


What UPHY config are you using? Please refer to our design guide document and reply.

The configuration of the Developer KIT I am using, did not modify anything

But what is your board configuration? Do you have the MGBE same as the devkit? I mean the hardware design.

If you don’t have it, then you need to change the ODMATA in the overlay dtb.

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it worked, thank you

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