Camera keyframe jumps strange

See here:

I managed to change the tv image and reflection light color, it was very easy and smooth.
I did it also in Create first to be sure and then here at Machinima,
I created a new camera and animated it, but as you can see from the video I linked above, the double click on camera keyframe makes the timeline cursor to jump to frame 155 !?
So strange - is this somekind of framerate interpolation error?
I have not changed anything else in the USD scene…



It actually looks like you’ve found an issue with the timeline getting out of sync when you adjust the range slider at the bottom of your screen. If you notice your playhead is correctly at 155 frames and the key data is also correct (155), but the display is off by about 30 frames. We’ll attempt to reproduce here.

In this case, you can trust the data (your key is at 155 frames.) Thanks for reporting, we’re looking into it now.

I am studying machinima camera sequencer. The video here show my current problems:

I can live with this, but the strange offset in keyframes makes it really hard. I hope you can find a solution for this pretty fast ;)


This problem still exist, with multiple cameras on seq timeline the working with keyframes is a bit of a mess.
But If i have just one camera, and animate that around my scene all seems to work just nice. I live with that now, but later on when I do more complex scenes I sure would benefit the possibility to use multiple animated cameras.

Hey Pekka,

As an update, the first issue above is fixed in the forthcoming update for 2021.1.1 (maybe today, possibly tomorrow :) ). It was an issue with DPI scaling.

The second issue we’re looking to address in 2021.1.2 which will be released shortly here after.

Thanks for the bug reports!

Yes Dane, I can zoom now :) thanks for the update!!!

Hi. I’m an engineer behind Machinima and Sequencer. I’m trying to help us.

I’m not sure what’s the exact problems. In your second video, I see you try to move the end key. And it seems that an extra key always exist at end of animation. Is this the problem?


Hi XuNie!
The 2nd unsolved problem is this:

When using 2 cameras in seq, the keyframes are not recorded. Or have I understod something wrong here about the usage of camera kayframes?