Camera keyframes are bugging

I have wrote about jumping keyframes already, and the issue is noted and I believe Nvidia shall give us a fix to that quite soon. But now I discovered even bigger problem with animating cameras. See here, the keyframes do not work at all, they are somehow “corrupted” even this scene is only 30 minutes old.

See how I move the keys but the animation do not respond. Then the keys I moved jump back to orginal position by themself… Also I cannot erase those keys.

To be extra sure about this issue, I deleted the topmost camera layers called “shot tracks” and left only the one I am modifying. Same results…

Hi @pekka.varis. Just checking in! Are you still experiencing this issue?

Heh… With 2021.1.1 they are bugging a bit differently :)
Basically the problem is that using multiple cameras in seq Shot track works only if I leave space between the shots, like this:

If I try to build my scene with linear cuts, like the real movie vision I have, “the real cut” then the camera “block” in timeline are messed up in a way that I cannot select and move and edit them since they overlap and cover each other… See here:

I hope the new Machinima update fixes this :)

@pekka.varis Thanks for letting me know! I messaged the developer for more information on this issue.

Hi @pekka.varis! I’ve been chatting with the developer about this issue and he wasn’t able to reproduce it on his end. He did mentioned, however, that he was testing it on our latest version (not out yet) so the issue may have been fixed for the next update.

It might help if I could get a source file from you. I will need a zip of a small example of the whole stage (USD). I will PM you with my email address so that we keep your work confidential.

Hehe @pekka.varis I can say that SOME of these issues are fixed with the next version, but this is the problem with this kind of interaction – it’s pretty easy for us to fix five bugs and create two new ones! I won’t be so optimistic for this bug as to say “Oh it’s definitely fixed”, but instead let you know that it will be much better in the next version, but we may still have some work to do to get it where we are all happy with the interactions between the Sequencer and various methods of creating timesampled data.

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To my big surprise, it works ok after all!

Juts to test this out, I removed some of the cameras & characters and played with only 3 shots in this scene. I used white mode to work faster. As you can see, it works in frame accurate! But I would not build my scenes no larger than say 3 cameras per “Master USD”. I bet in that next release I can easily add more cameras :D

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