Camera module mipi SDA/SCL

I’d like to know how to connect the SDA/SCL to my camera module(mipi d-phy) by the camera module port on agx? Is it to connect to the I2c3 as attached? And how to drive? Thank you

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hello user39716,

it’s CAM_I2C, please access Jetson Camera Module Hardware Design Guide for reference.
you could use I2CMUX, (TCA9546A / 7’h70) if you’re having multiple devices on the same I2C bus.

@JerryChang Thank you Jerry, I saw cam_i2c, if I just have one module, do i need to drive anything by agx? Or just connect it? Thank you.

hello user39716,

please connect that to your camera directly,
you may also check to this reference driver for the single camera device tree.
for example,

Hi @JerryChang,

Is it possible to set frequency? Because my camera module has a range 6M~27Mhz, not sure if it can be connected without setting, thank you.

hello user39716,

what frequency, did you mean input clock for the device?
it’s mclk, which the default value is extperiph1, the maximum frequency for extperiph1 is 24 MHz;
you should use an external clock sources if a greater frequency is requested.

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