Camera motion blur in Optix 7

I know Optix 7 supports motion blur by using motion transforms. But this seems to mostly be applicable to moving objects. I am trying to render a moving camera in a static scene and simulate the motion blur this would cause. Is there any built in support for this kind of motion blur in Optix7?

That is actually the easiest case and doesn’t need any specific scene setup.
All you need to implement is a time dependent transformation on your camera, e.g. the simplest case would be a translation along some motion vector in a given time interval.
Then you implement some uniform random sampling of a time in that interval per launch index and calculate where the camera is located and afterwards calculate the primary ray.
Repeat that often enough with different times and accumulate the results and you’ll get a smooth camera motion blurred image.
You wouldn’t even need to set the time on the ray itself in that case, unless there are motion blurred geometric primitives in your scene.