Camera not full view

I am finding that the camera image appears to be cropped when using jetson.utils.videoSource and video-viewer. I originally noticed that the view when specifying 1920x1080 was fuller than when specifying 1280x720.

When I use the built-in Cheese application the camera view is even larger than when using video-viewer at 1920x1080. 1920x1080 is supposed to be highest resolution on this camera. I am using a Jetson Nano 2GB with this ELP camera

Any idea why I cannot capture the whole camera image with jetson.utils.videoSource or video-viewer?

I did more searching on the forum and I found this thread, and it helped me a bit. I had a similar problem that my screen resolution made it look like the picture was being cropped, but it wasn’t.

At this point I am seeing the same full picture with Cheese and video-viewer at 1920x1080. Now I only see the crop using video-viewer (and videoSource) at 1080x720 when compared to 1920x1080. Is this expected, that when I ask the camera for a lower resolution that it may crop the image?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes, it is. I have not figured out if this is the expected behavior, but it is strange.

You need to know the sensor resolution to select correct sensor mode and adjust the output size otherwise it could be crop if the aspect ratio is different.

Thanks for the response @ShaneCCC. That makes sense when the aspect ratio is different. I certainly see different results when I request a 4:3 aspect. However, 1920x1080 and 1280x720 are both 16:9 so that doesn’t explain why 720 is not giving the full view.

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