Camera not showing full image on Nano

Hi all, I am experiencing an odd problem on my Nano. I am capturing some images through camera (RaspiV2), but the image is cropped / not symmetrically. In the image below, the camera is at the point marked (1), but you see that the position is to the right of the center line and also, that the image shows more chess squares to the left as to the right

I thought this might be due to some problems with the lens / chip, so I used a completely different USB cam and simply displayed the image with cheese, which even seems stranger:

Again, the camera is centered on the position(1) and even more is cut off to the right. The USB cam image looks good when plugged in to a Win machine.

So I assume that this is some configuration (v4l2?) that I am missing.

Any pointers, help etc. are appreciated.

It could be the resolution not config correct.
You can have v4l2-ctl to set the width, hight and get the frame to confirm.

Thansk for the info. I did not succeed in using v4l2-ctl to change the image. I did the following:

  • Tried with a fresh install
  • Showed the USB Webcam with cheese -> image is uncentered (as mentioned above)
  • Showed the USB Webcam with camorama ->different area shown, image centered

No v4l2-ctl commands where used between cheese and camorama.

Turns out that the webcam images is off-center cropped at a 800x600 resolution. Seems to work for other resolutions.

However, I do not seem to get the Raspi Camera in a mode where the image is correctly centered.

Any ideas?

You may need to enable the debug print to check if they are set to the same sensor mode.

echo -n 0xFFFF>/sys/module/videobuf2_core/parameters/debug