Camera not working on 1924x720

hello ghdlghdl0558,

this may be a corner case to hit this bug.
according to below, bytesperline should be overwritten by v4l control.

static void tegra_channel_update_format()
   chan->format.bytesperline = preferred_stride ?: bytesperline;

   tegra_channel_fmt_align(chan, chan->fmtinfo,

   /* Calculate the sizeimage per plane */
   chan->format.sizeimage = get_aligned_buffer_size(chan,
   		chan->format.bytesperline, chan->format.height);

could you please check you’re also able to resolve the issue by… --set-ctrl preferred_stride=3904.

Hi, JerryChang.

Even if i do not modify the kernel, 1924x720 works normally after execute v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-ctrl preferred_stride=3904


hello ghdlghdl0558,

thanks for your test results, it’s a heads up of preferred_stride settings should also follow 64-alignment.

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