Camera object from UE - I cannot select / delete it


I exported an USD scene from UE 5.2
Now I got this strange floating camera in the scene, I cannot select it but it in renders in real-time and in path-traced.

How can I select this, so I can delete it?


Did you remove the camera before? If so, it’s a known issue of Composer. the camera mesh will exist in the stage even if the camera prim is removed. [OM-94379]

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Yes, I did remove all the cameras from the usd scene in Composer.

Still this is there, and I cannot select it. Well ok good to know its a knows issue then.
Gotta just then export again this USD from Unreal, and not to tick the cameras. It just take like 30 min to export again…

It’s just a ghost mesh. It’s gone if you reload the stage.

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