Camera on TX1

I was wondering how I can use a camera on my Jetson TX1. I have 2 potential cameras that I can use. One of those is the ESP32 Camera module (from the arduino kits) and a regular webcam. Ideally, I wouldn’t need to connect my webcam to it (for the obvious reason that I need it), so I was wondering if there was any way to use the ESP32 camera on the Jetson TX1, and if so, how I would go about a) doing the pinout, and b) accessing the frames
Thanks in advance,

hello frankvanpaassen3,

please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for camera solutions,
you may see-also Jetson Partner Supported Cameras | NVIDIA Developer for reference, thanks

Hello Jerry,
I tried searching in the Jetson Partner Supported Cameras link that you gave me for a TX1 camera, however none exist. Does this mean that there are no cameras that will work on the TX1? Would a regular USB one work?

I also don’t have the budget/capability/knowledge to get into contact with Jetson Camera Partners

hello frankvanpaassen3,

may I know what’s the actual camera use-case.
please see-also Camera Architecture Stack, USB camera also works, it bypass Libargus and does not uses Jetson ISP.

I plan on running YOLOV(x) on it (undecided what version). Aka computer vision. Thank you though for the confirmation on webcam-based/usb cameras.

In case you were wondering, I ended up figuring out the camera situation. Basically created a small python script to wait ~15 seconds for me to swap from keyboard to webcam :D. It works relatively well for now.

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