Camera Pan is too sensitive

Hi there.
I was wondering if there is a way to change the camera pan speed. The higher Focal Length the harder it is to control the panning of the camera. Maybe there is a slider I missed. Please check video attached.

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Dawid, I remember there was this kinda thing - I saw it from some overall UI demonstration video from Nvidia…

I found it right away for you:
Right Click + scroll the mouse wheel and you can control the camera speed. It comes to left corner:


Then scroll down that…
Now you have to use arrow shortcuts to move your camera:
Press down right mouse button and use keys:

Maybe this helps? If not, then you have to use the cameras transform number/sliders:


Hi Pekka,

The “Camera speed” is not doing anything for the camera panning. It’s not changing the speed of the pan and it’s hard to control.
I will not use arrows to adjust my camera, this is not how anyone should work.


Even layout and overall camera experience is not as it should since the Pan is faster than zoom and rotate.

Sorry if you don´t like it. Then maybe you use the other option I suggested…

Your problem kinda inspired me!
Here is a current work I am on, it´s a ad-clip for Mobile App ( screen in not yet done so you wont see the action that app is doing on this version ) but here the camera is animated mostly by those keyboard commands:

That is a work in progress and in the end it shall be rendered with high quality PTraced.
So yesterday night I was thinking of your critics towards the current camera controls. I feel you are right man.

Then I got an idea:

Let´s make a Omniverse extension when user can refine the camera dolly movements ( and fixed cameras too why not ) by moving the mouse to SLOWLY control the pan / tilt. This would be kinda secondary control for camera, to make framing perfect.

See here is such a control in hollywood:

Camera operator is controlling this thing I am talking about. The other guy is pushing the dolly but I can animate by numbers my dolly movement easily already = the more stable the more better :)

What do you think of this Dawid?

Nvidia people - what is the best way for me to find hobbyist / fresh user developers to jump on to this kind of, relatively easy Omniverse Kit developing project?

I see that the restriction of mouse movement to control camera pan/tilt should be something like the movements of this zero gravity tool:
Time 6.25

By restriction I mean this kinda movement… Like if camera would be heavy.

To demonstrate my issue with camera panning in Create, I recorded short video for comparison how camera pan works in different 3d software. All the cameras are set to 150mm but even default values in Omniverse feel too sensitive.


We are working on a bunch of new camera navigation tools in the camera settings menu, such as inertia and controls over panning speed at different FOVs.

We will let you know when its ready to try.

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Nice, I am looking forward to this! Hopefully the camera will feel much closer to all other 3d software on the market.

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Hi David, I was having an issue where the mouse scroll was overreacting. Even when I changed the Navigation speeds this didn’t help, but when I selected an Item in my scene and then Pressed the “F” button on the keyboard to center the camera it was like a scale was reset and now the Navigation is more predictable and works slower …