Camera Port on TX1: What can it do?


I’m trying to use the camera port with csi2 cameras. However, I can only get it working with the camera that came with the TX1 board. Anything else, even an FPGA emulated to look like that camera, won’t be detected.

Also, is there a way to send I2C commands through the camera port? I can’t seem to detect any I2C signals from other devices while using the camera port I2C pins. Do these pins even show up in i2cdetect?

Hello, GinDiamond:
You can try i2cdump. It should be able to access the i2c devices.


i2cdump won’t work at all, I’ve been trying different syntax methods, but none work.

What is a valid command for i2cdump?


First you can try the in-board sensor.
Run a GST pipeline to get the preview in HDMI, and run i2cdump, like:
sudo i2cdump -f -y 6 0x36


Thank you so much! That worked!

Hi GinDiamond,

 Were you able to capture from other camera besides the ov5693? are you using v4l2 or nvcamerasrc?